owner's welcome

From humble beginnings as a blackberry patch, the resort's owners, Paul (a former mayor of Seattle) and Pam Schell, created The Inn at Langley in 1989. Today the Inn at Langley is one of the most awarded resorts in the Pacific Northwest.

Dear Guests,

Paul and I were captured by the Whidbey Island spirit of place and people. We built our weekend home in Langley in 1975. We thought this charming, waterside town was so special and just an hour from Seattle. At that time Langley had a dry goods store, a grocery store, two gas stations, a library, a movie theatre, a bookstore, and a marina. Two waves of residents made the community more vibrant: the Chinook Learning Community (Whidbey Institute now) and those who chose Whidbey for the more rural life and escape to the idyllic. Langley already appealed to painters but the new immigrants brought playful new expressions of art and theatre.

Enjoying the town of Langley so much, we wanted other people to discover it. Paul had built several hotels and thought that an inn would be successful. The city had built a seawall giving us the idea of building an inn two stories above the bluff and two stories below, wlth the room, deck and jacuzzi on the waterside. The dining room was a part of the plan to attract weekend guests. The Inn at Langley opened in 1989 and has since become an established year round booster to the local economy. We decided to add two cottages, and a spa in 1999 and the Saratoga and the Gallery Suites in 2008, making the room total now 28. Our guests understand that the inn is a quiet "retreat", except for the waves beneath and the birds in flight. With the dual roles of manager and chef, Matt Costello has brought the guest experience beyond what we ever imagined. Hi wife, Jodi, is managing the gardens and honoring the plan of landscape architect, Tom Burger. The team of employees embrace the ideals of hospitality and we have been so proud to offer The Inn at Langley to our guests.


Pam Schell